Waterfront management

Kasco aeration and circulation products will help you with shoreline management on your waterfront property. Perfect for around docks, boats, and in windblown bays and canals, Kasco circulators provide you the flow and water current to combat floating weeds and debris that Mother Nature blows your way. Constant flow can also help limit plant growth, and prevent muck and silt settling in your beach area as well.

Properly aerated water helps eliminate foul odours, and helps aerobic bacteria remove organics and harmful compounds that may get into your swimming areas like faecal coliform and Blue Green Algae.

Heavy-duty construction, coupled with a cost-effective and energy-efficient design gives Kasco products the edge in performance, reliability, and ease of use and installation with minimal maintenance and clogging issues.

Things to consider

  • Power type and location
  • Size of area to be effected
  • Flow and water exchange rates
  • Prevailing wind direction

Kasco products for proper waterfront management

Aerating fountains

By combining high flow rates with an aesthetically pleasing V shape display, the aerating fountains provide the best mix of display and life-giving oxygen to your pond.

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These quality units both beautify your body of water with an elegant display pattern, and provide valuable oxygen and agitation to promote a healthy pond or lake.

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Diffuser units

Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond, and helps keep good water quality predictable.

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Water circulators

Kasco water circulators are ideal for creating directional water flow in your pond or lake. This transforms still, stagnant water into a stream environment, and helps add vital oxygen.

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