Municipal ponds

Effectively and naturally manage your city ponds and lakes with aeration. Kasco Aeration products offer a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution to common pond problems due to low oxygen levels and stagnant water.

Aeration and water circulation will boost DO levels, which allows your pond to function better, eliminate foul odours, and provide a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic species. Eliminating stagnant water areas can help limit areas where mosquitoes can breed, debris and rubbish collect, and where floating plant species, such as algae, thrive.

Kasco offers a variety of solutions that are built tough and designed for minimal maintenance costs, and are safe to use in public areas. Put your mind at ease using a safe, reliable and efficient Kasco aeration product to successfully manage your ponds.

Things to consider

  • Pond size and position
  • Power type and location
  • Display shape and lights
  • Pond use
  • Accessibility by the public

Kasco products for municipal ponds

Aerating fountains

The combination of high flow rates with a V-shaped-aesthetic effect, the aeration fountains provide the best mix of appearance and oxygen enrichment.

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Decorative fountains

For decorating the appearance of the water with an elegant pattern and stimulation of vital oxygen and agitation for a healthy pond or lake.

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Diffuser units

Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond, and helps keep good water quality predictable.

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Water circulators

Kasco water circulators are ideal for creating directional water flow in your pond or lake. This transforms still, stagnant water into a stream environment, and helps add vital oxygen.

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