Aquaculture researchers

Reliable, effective aeration is critical to successful aquaculture research and testing. Kasco pond aerators offer quality performance that you can rely on time and time again. With independently tested, third party Dissolved Oxygen, Standard Aeration Efficiency, and Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate testing to prove performance, you can depend on Kasco aerators for repeatable results.

These units have been used for lift pumps in recirculation tanks as well as primary sources for aeration in tanks/ponds and for CO2 removal in intensive systems. Densities as high as 60kg per cubic meter of water can be achieved. Kasco Aeration will help prevent oxygen depletion, and provide sustainable growing conditions for your fish. With excellent aeration efficiency up to an SAE of three, Kasco offers cost-effective and efficient quality products.

Things to consider

  • Species and density
  • Power type and location
  • Pond/Tank size
  • Aeration needs

Kasco products for aquaculture researchers


These quality units both beautify your body of water with an elegant display pattern, and provide valuable oxygen and agitation to promote a healthy pond or lake.

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Diffuser units

Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond, and helps keep good water quality predictable.

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Water circulators

Kasco water circulators are ideal for creating directional water flow in your pond or lake. This transforms still, stagnant water into a stream environment, and helps add vital oxygen.

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