Golfcourse ponds

Beautify and improve the water quality in your ponds with Kasco Fountains and Aeration. Aeration can help limit foul pond odours by increasing oxidation and speeding up decomposition of organic matter and chemicals such as grass clipping and fertiliser runoff. The result is less odours and fewer nutrients for plant growth.

Surface movement will also eliminate stagnant water areas that can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and also are ideal for surface plant growth, such as algae, watermeal, and duck weed. Eliminating the stagnant areas can prevent these, and help keep your irrigation ponds, and more importantly, irrigation pumps from getting clogged with plant growth along with improving the look of the pond.

And what would a golf course pond be without a beautiful fountain display? You can achieve aeration and breathtaking displays with Kasco Aerating Fountains. With multiple options of power type, cord length, and display pattern, Kasco products offer you the flexibility you need. Clubhouse display ponds are ideal for fountain installations. Remote ponds can put Robust-Aire to use with minimal surface movement that does not change the course of play.

Give your members a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and reliable solution to the pond health and aesthetic issues in your club with Kasco Fountain and Aeration products.

Things to consider

  • Pond size, position, and elevation
  • Power type and location
  • Display shape
  • Pond setting
  • Pond use

Kasco products for golfcourse ponds

Aerating fountains

The combination of high flow rates with a V-shaped-aesthetic effect, the aeration fountains provide the best mix of appearance and oxygen enrichment.

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Decorative fountains

For decorating the appearance of the water with an elegant pattern and stimulation of vital oxygen and agitation for a healthy pond or lake.

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Fountain lights

Kasco provides CE certified fountain lighting packages, which are to be used for illuminating the 50Hz driving aeration fountains.

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Air diffuser units

Aeration dramatically improves environmental conditions in your pond, and helps keep good water quality predictable.

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