Kasco’s AquaRenew Pond and Lake Dye is the simple and effective way to enhance the natural beauty of your pond or lake. This highly concentrated and effective formula is available in blue or dark blue and comes as powder in 85 gr water soluble (ws) bags. Application is as easy as tossing a bag in the water. Just one bag will treat over 400,000 gallons of water. AquaRenew will tint your water an aesthetically pleasing blue or dark blue and is completely safe for humans, pets, livestock, and fish.

Choose from three container sizes

1 jar with (3 PIECES of) 85 gr in water soluble bags
1 pail with (20) – 85 gr in water soluble bags
1 pail with (80) – 85 gr. in water soluble bags

For even better results, use together with Kasco’s surface aerators, water circulators / mixers or aerating fountains.

Watch how quickly our AquaRenew Dye is thoroughly mixed by our 3/4HP circulator unit. It took our circulator roughly 30 minutes to completely mix the dye in our 1/2 acre, 800,000 gallon pond. (Video is time lapsed to 30 seconds.)