Tanks and watertowers

Kasco de-icers and water circulators can protect your water tower from costly ice damage easily and effectively. De-icing water towers is critical to preventing major damage, especially when water demand is low and turnover rates are slow.

Managing your tower ice will allow you to protect the tower coating, help prevent ice fall which can collapse the tower, and improve mixture rates for more uniform temperature and chemical profiles.

These Arctic proven de-icers are constructed of stainless steel and thermoplastic components, cooled with optional food grade mineral oil, and provide a multitude of mounting options from rope/cable suspension to various angle and depth options with the universal dock mount. Kasco offers you superior performance that is cost effective and energy efficient and will help protect your tower this winter.

Things to consider

  • Tank size and depth
  • Power type and location
  • Turnover rate and flow
  • Length of winter and average temperature

Kasco products for de-icing tanks and watertowers

De-icer units

A Kasco Deicer is your best defence against costly damage to property due to ice formation and expansion.

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Portable 12v de-icer

The 12V portable de-icer gives you the power to protect your property and your fish in a pinch without the hassle and expense of moving power locations or running heavy, bulky extension cords.

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Water circulators

Kasco water circulators are ideal for creating directional water flow in your pond or lake. This transforms still, stagnant water into a stream environment, and helps add vital oxygen.

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