Boten, steigers en jachthavens

For over four decades, Kasco has been the trusted name and world leader in deicing technology for boats, docks, and marina applications. Kasco products deliver superior flow with years of reliable and dependable service. The ease of use and installation makes them a favorite for any boat or marina operator.

Whether you have floating docks or stationary docks with pilings, boat lifts, gas piers, access ramps, boat ramps, or slips, Kasco Deicers can help you prevent ice damage and save you time, money, and headaches with winterization methods of the past.

Fully salt water compatible and Arctic proven, Kasco deicing products are the cost effective, energy efficient solution to your ice damage problems.

Things to consider

  • Area needed to be deiced
  • Power type and location
  • Water depth, boat size,
    and dock construction
  • Length of winter
  • Average temperature
  • Ice cover
  • Water fluctuation and flow

Kasco producten voor de-icing boten, steigers, jachthavens

De-icer units

Een Kasco de-icer is uw beste verdediging tegen kostbare schade door vorstschade als gevolg van ijsvorming en ijs expansie.

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Diffuser units

Beluchting verbetert drastisch de milieuomstandigheden in uw vijver en helpt om de goede waterkwaliteit te continueren.

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