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NEW Submersible Landscape Lighting

Now Available!!!

NEW Landscape Light

The Submersible Landscape Light is designed for partial or total submergence and is ETL listed and approved. The light fixture only needs to be submerged 1" in the water and up to a 75W MR-16 Halogen Bulb can be used. The internal temperature protection will disable the light if it is not sumberged and greater than 20W bulb is used. This 12V Submersible Landscape Light, model LL1020, will illuminate and enhance your water feature and landscape for dramatic effects.

The fixture is the same as the fixtures used for our Fountain Lighting and is made of solid bronze with a clear lens and comes with a 20' underwater rated power cord. The fixture boasts extra internal sealing with three O-ring seals and Thermal Overload Protection to prevent damage to the fixture and bulb.

A base is also included which allows for angling of the light and sturdy installation. Rocks, sand, or other weights can be added to the base to keep the light in a single location. A 1/2" PVC pipe can also be added to the light to extend the height or used in place of the base for installing directly into the ground.

Standard Light with Base Light with Base and PVC Extension Light with PVC Pipe for in ground installation Screws and Bracket for Angled Positions

Kasco's NEW Submersible Landscape Light will be a great addition to your water feature and landscaping and extend your enjoyment of your property into the nighttime hours.

Owners Manual
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