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Fountain Lighting Packages

Colored Light Options

Kasco offers several sizes and models of Low Voltage Lighting Packages for use with all Aerating Fountain models. A Low Voltage Lighting Package added to any Aerating Fountain model will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your pond or lake and extend the enjoyment of your Kasco Aerating Fountain into the evening and nighttime hours.

1400/JFL Condor with LED Light Ring
LED Light Kit

Kasco offers an unique LED Light Ring for use with the 1400/JFL, 1/4hp Aerating Fountain model. This ring of LED lights creates full illumination of all 5 patterns included with the 1400/JFL Aerating Fountain with next to zero operating costs. The LED Light Ring also has a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours so you won't have to worry about changing bulbs or the light kit. Click here to learn more about the LED Light Ring.


Brass Light Fixture
F3400/VFX with the L-350T Light Kit

Kasco also offers Low Voltage Brass Lights for use with the F2400/VFX, F3400/VFX, F3400H/VFX, 4400/VFX, 4400H/VFX, and 8400/JF Aerating Fountain Models. The Bronze Light Packages are available in two or three light kits. Each fixture is solid bronze with a clear lens, overall spread lens, multiple seals, thermal overload protection, and clear MR-16 Halogen bulbs of either 50W or 75W (depending on model). Kasco also offers Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow colored bulbs for dramatic effects. Each fixture has a 6' underwater rated cord that joins at a junction box with one main power cord returning to shore in 50', 100', 150', or 200' cord length options. The Bronze Light Packages are of the highest quality and will illuminate your fountain patterns for breath taking nighttime displays. Click here to learn more about the different Bronze Lighting Packages.

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