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"I have been selling fountains for about 20 years and sold them all. Kasco, without a question, are the finest available."

- Matt Horn, Owner of Matterhorn Nursery, one of the largest Nursery and Garden Centers in the country.

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1400/JF Condor, 1/4hp

1400/JF, 1/4hp

NEW F2400/VFX, 1/2hp

F2400/VFX, 1/2hp

NEW F3400/VFX, 3/4hp

F3400/VFX, 3/4hp

NEW 4400/VFX, 1hp

4400/VFX, 1hp

8400/JF with NEW Cypress Nozzle, 2hp

8400/JF, 2hp

Kasco Marine, Inc. offers several sizes and styles of Floating, Aerating Fountains, or Decorative Fountain Aerators, to fit the needs of your pond or lake. These Floating, Aerating Fountains not only beautify your body of water with an elegant display pattern, they provide much needed oxygen and water agitation to assist in keeping a healthy pond or lake. The Floating, Aerating Fountain units Kasco offers are truly Decorative Fountain Aerators due to the high flow rates and excellent oxygen transfer. Kasco Decorative Fountain Aerators are an excellent choice when pond or lake aeration is desired along with a beautiful fountain display. Kasco Floating, Aerating Fountains are self-contained units that float in the pond or lake. All you need is 120V or 240V power available near the ponds edge for the Floating Fountain to operate. Please select from one of the links above for more information on the Floating Fountain sizes and models available. Click here to download a Kasco Floating Fountain brochure.


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