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"Our community owns an 8400/JF fountain. We love the fountain, and many in the community have expressed their pleasure in how it makes the pond look. It also does a great job aerating, and was able to halt an early algae problem this spring."

- Chuck, President

See Chuck's full testimonial and others by clicking here.

8400/JF Birch (no nozzle)

BIRCH (No Nozzle)

10' Tall x 9' Wide Geyser

8400/JF Juniper


7.5' Tall x 40' Wide "V"

8400/JF Linden


12' x 4' Inner & 6' x 33.5' Outer Tier

8400/JF Sequoia


20' Tall x 7' Wide Geyser

8400/JF Cypress

NEW Cypress

15' Tall x 35' Wide 9-Stream Arch

8400/JF Willow


10.5' Tall x 34' Wide "V"

6 Fountain Patterns for the Price of One!

Now with Improved Nozzle Design for Ease of Use, Added Pattern Diameter, and Our NEW Cypress Display!

Kasco Marine's 8400/JF, 2 hp Floating Aerating Fountain or Decorative Fountain Aerator is great for larger ponds or when multiple large patterns are desired. The Kasco 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain is unique for its size, in that, it comes standard with 5 interchangeable nozzles and can be operated without a nozzle to give you 6 FOUNTAIN PATTERNS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! The 6 fountain patterns range from 20' in height to over 40' in diameter. With 6 multiple fountain patterns, you have the freedom to adjust the aerating fountain to fit your pond, weather conditions, and your tastes. Kasco's 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain does a great job at adding oxygen and improving your pond or lake aeration. The 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain is available in a 240V, 60Hz model. Click here to download a NEW Kasco 8400JF Floating Aerating Fountain brochure.

8400/JF Willow

Adding a L-375 Low Voltage Light Kit to the 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain adds a touch of class to this beautiful fountain display during the nighttime hours. The L-375 Low Voltage Light Kit includes three hand-tooled, bronze, light fixtures with 75 Watt MR-16 Halogen bulbs in each fixture. The L-375 Low Voltage Light Kit's transformer is built into the C-75 Control Panel included with the 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain to convert your 240V power into 12V power used by the lights. Three clear MR-16 bulbs are included with each L-375 Low Voltage Light Kit, however, you can chose any or all of the optional colors of Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow.

The 8400/JF, 240V Floating Aerating Fountain also includes a GFCB protected control panel. The C-75, 240V Control Panel with Timer, GFCB protection, Light-Ready Low Voltage Compartment, and Photo Eye for light operation comes standard with the 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain. Kasco recommends a licensed electrician to install the C-75 Control Panel and the 8400/JF if you plan to hard-wire the Floating Aerating Fountain into the C-75 Control Panel.

Kasco's 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain also has a NEW float design. This new float has a lower profile while sitting in the water and also has a new, non-circular shape. Each 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain is now shipped with this new float. All the hardware is the same as used with the previous model float.

The 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain model includes the following staples of all Kasco Floating Fountains, Pond Aerators, or Water Circulators:

  • Longer-life top and bottom ball bearings
  • Environmentally friendly oil-filled motor with a hard-face internal mechanical seal and external lip seal for protection against leaks.
  • Flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Highly efficient, lower power consumption than competitive equipment
  • Superior dependability in salt-water or other corrosive environments. All external metal motor, float, and hardware components are of stainless steel composition and protected by a sacrificial zinc anode.
  • Requires minimal maintenance. We recommend cleaning the stainless steel motor housing once or twice per year and replacing the sacrificial zinc anode when visibly corroded.
  • ETL listed to stringent UL and CSA Safety Standards
  • U.P.S. Shippable
  • Made with pride in the U.S.A.

Along with the staples of all Kasco Floating Fountains, Pond Aerators, and Water Circulators, the 8400/JF Floating Aerating Fountain boasts the following UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS:

  • Kasco's unique water-deflecting nozzle design gives you the most clog-resistant model on the market.
  • Two year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Impeller technology giving the unit breathtaking patterns and high water flow for full fountain patterns
  • Successful shallow water operation in as little as 20 "
  • 10 running amps on a 240V circuit for low operating costs
  • SJTOW underwater rated power cord length options of 50', 100', 150', or 200'
  • Includes three 50' braided nylon mooring ropes
  • 8400/JF ships in 3 boxes via UPS (add 1 box for lights)
  • 5 interchangeable nozzles to give you 6 fountain patterns (6th pattern running without nozzle) for the price of one!
  • New Nozzle Design for Increased Pattern Diameter and Ease of Use!
8400/JF Linden with Lights 8400/JF NEW Cypress


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