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1/4 hp Floating, Aerating Fountain, or Decorative Fountain Aerator

5 Fountain Patterns for the Price of One!

1400/JF Falcon


4' Tall x 4' Wide Narrow Arch

1400/JF Eagle's Nest


3.5' Tall x 10' Wide Large "V"

1400/JF Hawk's Nest


3' Tall x 7' Wide Small "V"

1400/JF Osprey


3.5' Tall x 7' Wide Arch

1400/JF Condor


4' x 4' Inner & 2' x 10' Outer Tier Arch's


1400/JFL Osprey

Kasco Marine's NEW 1400/JFL, 1/4hp Floating, Aerating Fountain will beautify any small backyard pond or watergarden (1400/JF without lights). The 1400/JFL Floating Aerating Fountain is not only a NEW product in Kasco Marine's product line, it is also a new design. This new floating fountain design allows for 5 interchangeable nozzle heads and LED lights, while keeping a low price to our customers. Click here to download a Kasco 1400/JFL Floating Fountain brochure.

The ring of LED lights that are included with this floating fountain provide ample light and 100,000 hours of expected life all while keeping your initial costs and operating expenses low. The 1400/JFL Floating, Aerating Fountain includes a Low Voltage Transformer to convert your 120V power into the 12V power used by the LED light ring. As shown in the picture to the left, the LED light ring is a beautiful Amber color that will add an elegant accent to your Fountain at night.

The 1400/JFL Floating, Aerating Fountain, as all of Kasco's Floating Fountains, comes with a GFCI protected control box. The C-25, 120V Control with Timer, GFCI protection, and Photo Eye for light operation, comes standard with the 1400JFL Floating Fountain. No electrician is required to install your C-25 Control or your 1400/JFL Aerating Floating Fountain if an existing 120V, 15 amp receptacle is available.

1400/JF Falcon

Even with the new design, the 1400/JFL Floating, Aerating Fountain still obtains the following staples of all Kasco Floating Fountains, Pond Aerators, or Water Circulators:

  • Longer-life top and bottom ball bearings
  • Environmentally friendly oil-filled motor with a hard-face internal mechanical seal and external lip seal for protection against leaks.
  • Flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Highly efficient, lower power consumption than competitive equipment
  • Superior dependability. All external metal motor, float, and hardware components are of stainless steel composition.
  • Requires minimal maintenance. We recommend cleaning the stainless steel motor housing once or twice per year.
  • U.P.S. Shippable
  • Made with pride in the U.S.A.

Along with the staples of all Kasco Floating Fountains, Pond Aerators, and Water Circulators, the 1400/JFL Floating Fountain boasts the following UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS:

1400/JFL Condor
  • Extremely light 35 lbs. shipping weight for low shipping costs and easy installation
  • 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Operation in as little as 12" of water
  • 3.1 running amps on 120V circuit for low operating costs
  • 50' SJTOW underwater rated electrical power cord
  • Two 15' braided nylon mooring ropes included
  • Ships in one 19"x16"x15" box via UPS
  • 5 Interchangeable nozzle heads included for multiple patterns with one Floating Fountain


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