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"We have been doing this for 15 years and customers ask for them because they know they work."

- Joe Riley, General Manager of Windmill Marina

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Kasco offers several sizes and models of floating Aerating Fountains, Pond Aerators, Water Circulators, Fountain Lighting, Landscape Lighting, and Control Units. Below are some Quick Links to the individual pages or you can scroll down to see more info on each product to help you decide which is right for you.


Floating, Aerating Fountains

1400/JF Condor

1400/JF, 1/4hp


F2400/VFX, 1/2hp


F3400/VFX, 3/4hp

NEW 4400/VFX

4400/VFX, 1hp

8400/JF with NEW Cypress Nozzle

8400/JF, 2hp

NEW Nozzles and Pattern on the 8400JF!

NEW VFX Units with Larger Pattern Dimensions and Redesigned Attractive Float!

Kasco Marine, Inc. offers several sizes and styles of Floating, Aerating Fountains, or Decorative Fountain Aerators, to fit the needs of your pond or lake. These Floating, Aerating Fountains not only beautify your body of water with an elegant display pattern, they provide much needed oxygen and water agitation to assist in keeping a healthy pond or lake. The Floating, Aerating Fountain units Kasco offers are truly Decorative Fountain Aerators due to the high flow rates and excellent oxygen transfer. Kasco Decorative Fountain Aerators are an excellent choice when pond or lake aeration is desired along with a beautiful fountain display. Kasco Floating, Aerating Fountains are self-contained units that float in the pond or lake. All you need is 120V or 240V power available near the ponds edge for the Floating Fountain to operate. Please select from one of the links above for more information on the Floating Fountain sizes and models available. Click here to download a Kasco Floating Fountain brochure.

Below is a picture of Kasco's new test pond with the following units from Left to Right; 1400JF(Eagle's Nest), F2400/VFX, F3400/VFX, and 4400/VFX.

Kasco's NEW Test Pond



Pond Aerators

Kasco's Pond Aerators, or High Oxygen Transfer Aerators, are designed with the commercial fish farmer in mind. An oxygen transfer rate of 3.0 SAE or greater makes these units efficient enough to be used in aquaculture systems throughout the US and around the world as well. A Kasco Pond Aerator is an excellent choice when you are looking for pond or lake aeration without a decorative fountain display. All Kasco Pond Aerators are self-contained units that float at the surface with a single power cord returning to shore, which makes them extremely easy to move and install with a single person. Kasco Pond Aerators are perfect for continuous duty or as a supplement supply of aeration during times with low oxygen levels and with minimum operating depths as low as 15", they can be used in almost any situation with great success. Please select the link to the left to learn more about Kasco Pond Aerators and what they can do for your pond or lake. Click here to download a Kasco Pond Aerator brochure.


Water Circulators

Kasco Water Circulators are prefect for creating directional flow in your pond or lake and helping to get rid of stagnant water. Kasco Water Circulators are great tools for destratifying deeper bodies of water to help eliminate or reduce the negative effects of Spring and Fall turnover and save your fish. Water Circulators can also be used to eliminate stagnant water and may reduce mosquito breeding grounds in the Summer, and in winter months to prevent winter kill on your fish populations. Kasco Water Circulators are great for preventing debris from cluddering your waterfront property on rivers, canals, bays, and marinas. The directional flow will keep the debris away from your property and give you cleaner water all year. Please select the link to the left to learn more about Kasco Water Circulators and how they can benefit your body of water. Click here to download a Kasco Water Circulator brochure.



Fountain Lighting Packages

Now with Added Sealing and Thermal Overload Protection!

Kasco Marine, Inc. has Lighting Packages to create an elegant accent to any Fountain model during the evening and nighttime hours. These 12V lighting systems will illuminate your fountain display for a dramatic effect. Kasco's NEW Bronze Light Design now gives you enhanced sealing of the light fixture and a thermal overload to help protect the light and bulb. Kasco's Lighting Packages can be purchased with a Decorative Floating Fountain or can be easily retrofitted to your existing Decorative Floating Fountain at a later date. Please select the links to the left to learn more about Kasco Lighting Packages and how they can illuminate your life.


NEW Submersible Landscape Lighting

NEW Landscape Light

NEW Landscape Light

Kasco is proud to introduce our NEW SubmersibleLandscape Light. This high quality light includes a solid bronze fixture housing, stabilizing base for installation, 20' of underwater rated electrical cord, bracket and screws for multi-angled positions, added sealing engineering, and thermal overload protection. The light also carries and ETL listing and approval! The light needs to be submerged at least 1", but can support up to a 75W MR-16 Halogen bulb. Kasco's Submersible Landscape Light will illuminate and enhance your water feature or landscape with breath taking and dramatic effects. Please select the link to the left to learn more about Kasco Submersible Landscape Lighting.




Control Units

Kasco Marine, Inc. offers Control Units that can protect your equipment and your wallet. Available in either 120V or 240V, Kasco Control Units come standard with all Decorative Floating Fountains and are available with Pond Aerators and Water Circulators. These two Control Units are equipped with a 24 hour timer to save you money on your power bill and a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) to protect the equipment and you. We do not recommend anyone being in the water while the units are in operation and a GFI should always be used and tested to operate properly. Please select the links below to learn more about Kasco's 120V and 240V Control Units and how they can help you.




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