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8400JF, 2hp Aerating Fountain with the Lit Birch Pattern

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1400/JF, 1/4hp Aerating Fountain
F2400/VFX, 1/2hp Aerating Fountain
F3400/VFX, 3/4hp Aerating Fountain
1 of 5 patterns included
5' Tall x 15' Wide
6' Tall x 21' Wide
4400/VFX, 1hp Aerating Fountain
8400/JF, 2hp Aerating Fountain
Kasco's NEW Submersible Landscape Light
8' Tall x 26' Wide
1 of 6 patterns included
For In Water Use
Pond Aerators
Water Circulators
Low Voltage Fountain Lighting
Increased Pond Aeration
Eliminate Stagnant Water
Clear or Colored Bulbs Available

Kasco Marine, Inc. Floating Fountains, Pond Aerators, Water Circulators, De-Icers, and Submersible Landscape Lights blend efficiency, durability, and affordability. Each floating aerating fountain, pond aerator, and water circulator is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to withstand the harshest marine environments throughout the world to give you many years of dependable performance. Let us put our 38+ years in designing and manufacturing marine agitation and aeration equipment to work for you and your body of water. Kasco aeration equipment (Aerating Fountains, Pond Aerators, Water Circulators, De-Icers, and Submersible Landscape Lights) will improve the water quality, enhance the aesthetics, and increase your enjoyment of your pond or lake. You can see more information on our industry leading De-Icers at www.De-Icer.com.

Aerating Floating Fountains

"We love the fountain. It does a great job aerating, and was able to halt an early algae problem this spring." - Chuck, NC

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Kasco Marine, Inc. Floating Aerating Fountains, or Decorative Fountain Aerators, add class and beauty to any body of water while adding essential oxygen and aeration to the pond or lake and agitation to eliminate stagnant water for improved pond and/or lake aeration and water quality. Kasco offers floating fountain models in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 2 horsepower sizes to accommodate a wide variety of pond/lake sizes. The 1/4hp, 1400JFL, Aerating Fountain is ideal for the small backyard pond or watergarden. Our NEWLY REDESIGNED 1/2, 3/4, and 1hp VFX Aerating Fountains have increased fountain pattern size and aeration at the same low prices. We also have a great NEW Cypress (Arch) Pattern now standard with our 2hp, 8400/JF Aerating Fountain.

Low Voltage Fountain Lights

Low Voltage Lighting is also available for all Aerating Fountain models. The 1400JFL, 1/4hp Aerating Fountain uses a unique LED Light Ring for nighttime illumination. Solid bronze light fixtures in two or three light configurations are available to create a dramatic fountain display at night for our larger 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 2hp Aerating Fountains.

Pond Aerators

"THE most effective aerator out there." - Steve Abernathy, owner of Til-Tech Aquafarm.

"I feel I have a friend here combating the enemy while I am at work!" - Jean, Ocean City, MD

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Kasco Pond Aerators, or High Oxygen Transfer Aerators, are the industrial strength model for the person looking for high oxygen transfer and water movement at an affordable cost. Again, the floating pond aerator models are available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 2 horsepower sizes. Kasco Pond Aerators are perfect for a wide variety of applications from water quality control in a eutrophic pond environment to commercial aquaculture applications. Aeration is an integral component to a healthy pond or body of water and Kasco Pond Aerators are ideal for adding aeration to your pond or lake.

Water Circulators

"We were amazed. It did a better job than the other unit and is a much simpler unit." - Larry, Lake Delton, WI

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Kasco Water Circulators are ideal for stagnant bodies of water. The circulators create a strong directional flow of water that can aid in reducing organic matter, mosquito breeding grounds, and assist in overall water quality. Water Circulators are used to prevent winter-kill conditions and destratify deeper bodies of water to help prevent turnover in Spring and Fall and improve the overall aeration of your pond or lake. Kasco Water Circulators have been successfully used in marinas and other stagnant water situations to eliminate the build up of debris and stagnant water areas.

Submersible Landscape Lighting

Kasco is proud to introduce our NEW LL1020 Submersible Landscape Light. The solid bronze light fixture is designed for total or partial submergence and only needs to be submerged 1" into the water. The Submersible Landscape Light can be used with up to a 75W bulb and carries an ETL listing and approval!

Kasco Marine, Inc. offers a great mix of Floating Fountains, Pond Aerators, & Water Circulators in a variety of sizes and Fountain and Landscape Lighting that can help you help your body of water in its aesthetic and aeration needs. Pond, lake, and water aeration in general is a key ingredient to a healthy pond. Added aeration provides living organisms the oxygen they need to live and thrive in your pond. The lack of needed aeration to a pond or body of water can create many problems, such as algae and aquatic plant problems, chemical/nutrient problems, temperature or thermal problems, as well as fish and overall water quality issues. You can visit our new site, www.GotAlgae.com to learn more detailed information on common water quality problems and the best solutions. Also, read Testimonials from happy Kasco customers. Please contact a friendly Kasco representative to assist you when trying to decide which floating fountain, pond aerator, or water circulator is best for your application and suit your water aeration needs.

"Your customer driven support is a testimony to your professional approach and interest in promoting the quality of service and products known of Kasco Marine." - Ray, Hamburg, MI

8400/JF, 2hp Aerating Fountain with the Sequoia Pattern
Kasco Aeration Equipment is ETL Approved to UL and CSA Standards
Kasco Aeration Equipment is Designed and Manufactured in the USA



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