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2. Pond Length (In Feet) 3. Pond Width (In Feet)
4. Average Depth (In Feet) 5. Maximum Depth (In Feet)

6. Which option below most closely represents the shape of your pond?

7. What Benefits of a pond aerator or fountain are important to you? Aeration
8. Is the pond used for fishing?
9. Is power available at the ponds edge?
10. If so, what type (Voltage, phase, and Hz?  
11. Does the pond get a constant supply of water?  
12. If so, at what GPM (Gallons Per Minute) if known?  
13. Would you consider lights for the Fountain?  
14. What is the ponds purpose?
15. How old is your pond?
16. What, if any, treatments are being used for algae or weed control?


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