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Customer Testimonials

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Matterhorn Nursery

Spring Valley, NY

Award winning (and one of the largest) nursery and garden center, commenting on Kasco's quality.

Clear Springs Trout Farm

Clear Springs, ID

Largest Rainbow Trout producer in Idaho, which produces about 80% of all domestic trout.

1988 Whale Rescue

Barrow, AK

Whale rescue in October, 1988 near Barrow, Alaska.

Rushing Waters Fisheries

Palmyra, WI

The largest Rainbow Trout producer in the Midwest.


James Creek Marina

Washington, D.C.

James Creek Marina uses Kasco Circulators for de-icing in the winter and to keep trash out of the marina during the summer.

Owen & Williams Fish Farm

Hawkinsville, GA

Produces game fish, grass carp, and catfish for stocking.


Winans Woods Homeowners Association

Hamburg, MI

Commenting on the quality of service received from Kasco.

Menasha Marina

Menasha, WI

Uses Kasco Water Circulators for summer water quality improvement.

Til-Tech Aquafarm

Robert, LA

Research facility and large producer of Tilapia fingerlings.

Windmill Marina

Afton, MN

170 slip marina on the St. Croix River.

Keo Fish Farm

Keo, AR

Largest producer of hybrid Striped Bass fingerlings in the world.


Landowners Assoc.

North Carolina

Commenting on the effectiveness of a Kasco 8400/JF Aerating Fountain.

Village of Lake Delton, WI

Replaced a larger, broken down unit with a Kasco De-Icer and had better results.

Ocean City, MD

Kasco Pond Aerator helps combat algae and goose problem.


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