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Kasco Marine, Inc. was founded in the early 1970's with the introduction of the Kasco De-Icer to help marina's protect equipment in the water during harsh Minnesota winters. Kasco had great regional support throughout the 1970's and with a redesigned unit in 1980, took on the national market and quickly became the nations leader in De-Icing equipment.

Soon after moving into the national scene, the De-Icer was modified and a float was added. The Kasco Pond Aerator was born. The pond aerator was designed for aquaculture purposes and was well accepted in this arena. It has also provided many benefits to private pond/lake owners and various aspects of the public sectors as well for pond and lake aeration benefits.

Adding a pumping chamber and some slight modifications to the Pond Aerator allowed for the production of Kasco's Aerating Fountains. Aerating Fountains give you the best of both worlds; aeration and water movement for improved water quality and pond health, and a beautiful display pattern to enhance the aesthetics of your pond or lake.

By modifying several different units and strong success with each, Kasco is able to take advantage of the large buying power and pass that value on to you, the customer. Kasco is continually working to improve existing products as well as adding new products to better serve your needs. Within the last year, Kasco has introduced:

  • NEW 1/4hp, 1400JFL Aerating Fountain which is perfect for the small backyard pond or water garden
  • New Nozzle Designs and a NEW Cypress (Arch) pattern for the 2hp, 8400JF Aerating Fountain
  • Redesigned the 1/2, 3/4, and 1hp VFX Aerating Fountains for larger pattern dimensions and a sleek new look
  • NEW Two Light Kit for the 1/2 and 3/4hp Aerating Fountain Models
  • NEW Landscape Lighting that can be used in or out of water to illuminate your water feature or landscape

Kasco strives to provide excellent service, as well as products. Kasco's customer support, sales, engineering, and production staff are willing and able to answer your questions and/or concerns in a friendly and helpful manor. Our production staff works tirelessly to provide you with quality products in a timely fashion, but are a bit camera shy. However, you can meet the rest of the staff here.

Below, from front to back are the 1400JF (Eagles Nest), F2400/VFX, F3400/VFX, and 4400/VFX in Kasco's new test pond. The new test pond allows us to display units as well as have a quicker response time with testing. This all equals better service and products for you.

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